About Infinity Social Care

Infinity Social Care is a community support service whose mission is to be a flexible, responsive, and a reliable provider with a real understanding of, and firm commitment to, the needs and aspirations of each service user. 




Our philosophy is firmly based on the principle that all people are valuable and are entitled to direct control over their own lives.  Infinity Social Care’s Equal Opportunities Policy is designed to ensure equality and fairness for everyone who comes into contact with the organisation and it is expected that Infinity Social Care will act to support its service users and staff who face disadvantage in society for whatever reason.




Our purpose is to provide support which is: (a) enabling; (b) person centred; (c) adaptable to the changing needs and circumstances of each individual; (d) unobtrusive.  Infinity Social Care’s purpose is to support service users to have genuine control over their lives, plan an active part in the community, accept responsibilities and to develop as individuals.  We aim to do this by adopting a person centred approach in all aspects of support delivery.




Our aim is to put service users at the heart of the work we do and to respond to the needs of service users by: (a) providing a safe environment in which service users can fulfil their potential; (b) enabling choice and participation by service users in decisions that affect service provision; 

(c) engaging in activities that raise the profile of their needs and promote their rights; (d) providing individually tailored packages of care and support.




Our values and principles are that service users should be valued and respected as individuals with their own needs, expectations, supporting choice and involvement in all areas of their lives and to promote empowerment and autonomy.