Welcome to Infinity Social Care



Infinity Social Care provides twenty-four hour care and support to people with learning and physical disabilities, with the needs of the service user at the heart of the services it provides, empowering them to live full and enriching lives. These include dedicated keyworker support, residential accommodation in beautiful surroundings, leisure and social activities.



Its aims, in line with the Care Act 2014, are (1) to be a flexible, responsive and reliable provider of supported  accommodation, care and support services that is driven by an understanding of, and commitment to, the unique needs and aspirations of each service user; (2) to provide support which is unobtrusive, enabling, person centred, accountable and measurable, adaptable to the changing needs and circumstances of each individual; (3) providing a safe environment in which service users can reach their full potential; (4) enabling choice and participation by service users in decisions that affect service provision; (5) engaging service users in activities that raise the profile of their needs and promotes their rights.



All staff at Infinity Social Care are vetted through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS); which incorporates the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) prior to being employed, and are recruited in line with local and national policies in relation to the safeguarding of vulnerable groups.  They are qualified to provide care and support to service users and are given full induction on commencement of employment, with ongoing training and  supervision during their term of employment.  Twenty-four hour support for service users is provided, and Infinity Social Care promotes and fosters teamwork among its staff.  The provision of quality care and care with dignity to service users is paramount, and plays a major part in the recruitment process.